Whats with the strange name?

No we don’t grow bananas here! Originating in the 1860’s the town takes its name from a bullock (a castrated bull) that had a dun (yellowish) coloured hide. Banana was a working bullock well known to stockmen for coaching (leading) the wilder cattle into the yards. Old Banana was left to rest in a creek that became known as Banana Creek, and the township name followed. A statue of Banana Bullock is located in town.

Who can stay?

We specialise in workforce accommodation so our clients are generally working in the area rather than just passing through. Please contact us directly to discuss your accommodation needs.

Do you have Eftpos or credit card facilities?

Yes we do.

How do I get there?

From the town of Banana head along the Dawson Hwy towards Moura, just out of the town turn left onto the Leichardt Hwy. Almost immediately turn left up Barfield Rd, travel about 1km until you see the large Banana Accommodation Village sign marking the entry to the driveway. Proceed to the central carpark and reverse park in the middle. Heavy Vehicles are to part just before the entry in the truck parking bay. Reception is located in the central building at the bar. Check in before 4 pm or after 8pm requires prior arrangement so please contact us before 5pm if you will be late.