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The Banana Accommodation Village has developed a strong reputation for delicious and satisfying meals. With a focus on ‘fresh’ we source the best seasonal fruit and vege to ensure our meals are not compromised. Supporting our community is important to us and we value the excellent service and quality the local butcher and baker provide us. Our chefs are ‘hand picked’ from the commercial catering industry for their enthusiasm for tasty and nutritious meals with delightful presentation.

Our meal package includes a full buffet breakfast at the Village with each day different to the last. We offer a large variety of options for morning break, lunch and afternoon break meals to take to the work site including a large selection from the salad bar, homemade bakery goods, sandwiches, fruit salad and delicious sweet treats.  Dinner at night at the Village includes a buffet selection of two main meat dishes, a vegetarian dish and four serves of veg with pasta or rice.

Our kitchen facility and practices meet the Food Safety Standards with regular and thorough cleaning of equipment and the premises, strict food handling controls and temperature monitoring. Our kitchen is fitted with state of the art equipment that can meet the rigors of rotating shifts of up to 300 personnel.